Auf Geht’s Musik

Auf Geht’s means “Let’s Go!” We’re here to bring you lots of happy music and serious fun! We specialize in the music of the Alps, Bavaria, Tirol, Rheinland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sud Tirol, the Czech Republic and Brazoria County including the far southern regions of the Alps – Damon’s Mound Texas! We feature lots of yodeling (Alpine and Western!), alpenhorn, musical handsaw, dazzling accordion and trumpet instrumentals and guest appearances by great artists like Hank Williams, John Denver, James Taylor, Satchmo, Willie Nelson, Tiny Tim, and many more!

Auf Geht’s’ musicians have performed together in various groups since 1986 and bandleader Randy Adams toured the US and Europe for more than 20 years playing this happy music. We’ve played in Hawaii, Texas, (of course!), Oklahoma, Louisiana, Georgia, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Alaska, Pennsylvania, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the Czech Republic, France, Holland and Scotland. Our musicians are classically trained, some with advanced degrees in music, and have many years of experience in the Arts and Entertainment industry. We LOVE what we do, and it shows in every song we play! We invite you to share some good fun and Gemutlichkeit (and maybe a beer or two!) with us.

Auf Geht’s und Viel Spaß! (Let’s go and have lots of fun!)