Das Ist Lustig

The name translates to “That’s Fun” and this German Band from Houston, Texas delivers. They perform traditional German and Alpine music with a fresh energetic attitude. They also incorporate a little Dutch, Czech, Classic country and American variety into the mix. They’re available as a duo, trio with drums or four piece with drums and tuba or another horn.

Dance band or show band, Das Ist Lustig promises a good time for all. Polkas, waltzes, and two steps are played on accordion, autoharp and traditional Alpine instruments like tuned cowbells, Bavarian xylophone, Alphorn and singing saw. The band can be very interactive and often invites guests to play the tuned cowbells or other hand held instruments. With yodeling, singing along, folk dancing, and a little organized chaos, Das Ist Lustig can transform any place into a boisterous musical playground for young and young at heart alike!