Die Bayrischen Hiatamadln

Die Bayrischen Hiatamadln is a six-headed ladies party and show band from the Greater Munich area. Together with our singer and guitarist Gunther, we bring that Oktoberfest feeling to every event. Our repertoire ranges from groovy alpine music to pop, rock and the latest chart hits.

Sylvie (acoustic guitar and vocals) — Bandleader Sylvie Ray has won awards for Best Country Singer of the Year (1994 and 1996) and has performed all over the world and on television.

Gunther (electric guitar, vocals) — A former music teacher of piano and guitar, Gunther travels the world with Sylvie. He also performs and arranges music for a busy studio.

Kveta (saxophone) — Kveta is an elementary school principal who tours with several well-known bands throughout Europe. She loves adapting Bavarian music, big band, swing, bluegrass, Dixieland and pop tunes.

Tanja (drums) — A natural performer, Tanja first appeared on stage at the age of 8, playing accordion with a local orchestra. Her career in percussion has taken her all over Europe and the world, traveling with some of the most popular German-language musical groups.

Michaela (keyboards, accordion, keytar, vocals) — Michaela handles all the black and white keys in the band. She studied music in Prague and has performed with legendary German pop and folk artists.

Martina (bass, trumpet) — Martina picked up a trumpet at the age of 8 and has never looked back. Along the way, she also found a passion for bass guitar. She lends her talents to several German bands.

Toni (saxophone, vocals) — Toni is the youngest lady in Die Bayrischen Hiatamadln and music has always been a part of her life. She is a celebrated vocalist and saxophonist.