Ennis Czech Boys

In 2005 it all began in a garage with three young men, and an idea to play polka music. Today, the Ennis Czech Boys have established themselves as one of the top polka bands in Texas, and for the last 10 years have been providing music for people all over the state with their full 7 member sound. The Ennis Czech Boys consists of two of the three founding members Jared Prachyl & Corey Mikula; as well as Trey Sylvester, Michael Trojácek, Jerry Petter, Frank Vrla III, and Zeke Martinez. This group of musicians continues out of their love and hope of keeping the Czech heritage alive. With the help of their fans, friends & family, we will see many more years of Czech Polka Music.

Jared Prachyl – Bass guitar, vocals (band manager)
Corey Mikula – Drums
Trey Sylvester – Keyboard, vocals (booking agent)
Michael Troj├ícek – Saxophone, guitar, accordion, vocals
Jerry Petter – Accordion, saxophone, guitar, bass, keyboard, vocals
Frank Vrla III – Saxophone, guitar, accordion, drums, bass
Zeke Martinez – Guitar, drums, vocals, audio/sound tech

For booking, Trey can be reached by phone at: (469)693-6357 or email: Trey_685@yahoo.com.