Münchholzhäuser Blaskapelle

When the ORIGINAL Münchholzhäuser Blaskapelle (MBK) was founded in 1964 by some young boys, no one had any idea that it would once belong to the oldest and best-known Band in the home and would be celebrate its 55 aniversary in 2019. The MBK is a non professional band.

It went up steeply in 1979, when Willi Maier – professional Trumpet player by Ernst Mosch and other well-known orchestras – took over the direction. In December 1988, the Münchholzhäuser were recognized by a panel of experts as artists for upscale concert and entertainment music.

In 1990 the first CD (MC, LP) was recorded by Koch Records in Austria. The performance and success curve continued upward when Martin Böhringer, experienced professional musician at the Stadttheater in Gießen, became musical director in 1991. The second CD was recorded in 1996 during a live concert. 1999 followed the third CD with own compositions by Martin Böhringer and for the first time also folk songs and English hits alongside the traditional Egerländer brass band.
The number of musicians has grown up to 12 members and thanks to its routine and versatility, the calendar has been regularly booked every year. In addition to the Egerländer wind music, concert and dance music, pop music, big band or mood music almost everything is played, what the audience demands. Even artists like Andy Borg, Marianne and Michael, Hansel Grönauer or Franzel Lang have been musically accompanied, which speaks for the level of the band.
The schedule of the MBK would appeal to some professional bands. From May to November we are almost every weekend on the road and performed in foreign countries such as Netherlands, France, Austria, Spain and New Braunfels –Texas.
Not at least because of the experience gained over many years, the Münchholzhäuser Blaskapelle is a sought-after orchestra for every type of event. At some festivals we play now without interruption for over ten years, which suggests satisfied organizers and clubs. For sure, the Münchholzhäuser Blaskapelle has the right notes in its suitcase for your event.