Rennie Guenther & the Happy Travelers

The Happy Travelers consists of four members a total of some 80+ years of playing music. The group consists of Rennie Guenther, his wife Sandra, and Bob Blang and Jewell his wife. Rennie and Bob havehad a friendship since the mid 50s in New Braunfels High School. Rennie, Bob were in the Unicorn Band together. Rennie played the tuba and electric bass. Bob played the bass drum. Sandra did not play in the band but took clarinet lessons. Sandra was also an award-winning vocalist in high school chorus.

Rennie and Bob have played together for over 40 years in various bands ranging from Big Band, Country and Western, to Polka Music. Rennie played with the Lee Kohlenberg Orchestra in high school, the 36th Division National Guard Band, thePfeil Brother’s Band, The Blue Riders, The Shrine Drum and Bugle Corp, TheShrine Band (Concert, Big Band, Dixie-Land Dandies, and The Pretzel Benders),The Seven Dutchmen, Oma and the Oompahs and The Bavarian Village Band. Bob played in a number of jazz bands on the California Coast while in the Navy, TheRhythm Riders, The Pfeil Brother’s, The Cloverleaf Orchestra, The SevenDutchmen, Oma and the Oompahs, and The Bavarian Village Band. Jewell played keyboard with The Bavarian Village Band.

When the band broke up that Rennie, Sandra, Bob and Jewell were playing in, Rennie asked Bob and Jewell to join in with him and Sandra to form a NEW group, and they agreed. The new group is called Rennie & “The Happy Travelers.” We have played from the Texas Valley, where we backed Myron Floren, to Ft. Smith Arkansas, as well as all across Texas. We have made some changes in the group. Bob is now playing accordion after playing drums for most of his life. He played the accordion when he was nine years old, then put it up until recentyears. Rennie plays tuba, electric bass,guitar and accordion, as well as singing and yodeling. Sandy has retired from the band and we now have two fathers and two sons playing in the band Greg Guenther who took Jewell Blangs place after her death and Bruce Blang who has taken Sandy’s place.

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