Terry Cavanagh & Alpine Express

Terry Cavanagh is a Texas boy. He began playing society music and ethnic music in Houston professionally at the age of 16. HIs professional credits include:
Five years of performance at Walt Disney’s Epcot Center.
Performance experience in hundreds of festivals throughout America.
Stage and television appearances on four continents.
Terry is known for his all-terrain performance style in the world-music scene. A lot of fans are familiar with Terry through his work with the Alpine Express band. “This band is all about pure, unadulterated, fun. People forget their troubles for an evening, let go, and get caught up in the spirit of good fellowship, music, and ridiculous fun,” comments Terry.

Guenter Dirks, owner of the Friesenhaus (Terry’s home base when he’s not playing an event) thinks Terry has a unique skill. “He knows how to read an audience and then give them what they want and more. It’s amazing what he can do with a crowd.”

Many fans also appreciate Terry for his sense of musicality and passionate style. “The addition of Terry’s music will begin a new tradition with opera in San Antonio. Terry has such great musical taste. He is one of my favorite musicians”, says Mark Richter, General Director of the San Antonio Lyric Opera.

Terry explains, “Although I know I’m bringing people a great gift when I am helping them loosen up and party, I especially enjoy just playing great music in a great environment. It’s magical and transforming for me and people in the audience. All of a sudden, the mind begins to calm down and wander to distant shores. Life takes on more zest, passion, and charm. I love that!.”

Terry lives in New Braunfels, Texas where he performs regularly throughout the year. In addition to his performance career, Terry is also a professional life coach, as well as a performance coach for musicians.