2017 Wurstfest Dance Contest Winners

As is our annual pleasure, Wurstfest would like to congratulate the following winners of the 2017 Wurstfest Dance Contests.

2017 Waltz Contest Winners: First Place goes to Pat and Doris Mollenhauer; Second place was awarded to Tim and Kim Stahl; and Third Place went to Henry Hohenberger and Joan Cox. Great job, Waltzers!

Left to Right: Kim and Tim Stahl, Doris Mollenhauer, 2017 Wurstfest President Dan Krueger, Pat Mollenhauer, Joan Cox and Henry Hohenberger

2017 Polka Contest Winners (pictured): First Place was awarded to Pat and Doris Mollenhauer, who also won the Waltz Competition; Second place went to Royce Buesing and Virginia Edwards; Third Place polka winners were Debbie Chandler and Alan Mueller. Way to polka, everybody! Congrats.

Left to Right: Opa Steve Minor, Royce Buesing and Virginia Edwards, Pat and Doris Mollenhauer, Opa Frank Suhr, Debbie Chandler and Alan Mueller, Opa Darrin Toney

Thank you to everyone who participated in or attended these exciting annual contests. We look forward to hosting you again at Wurstfest 2018!