They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so these videos must be worth a cool million, each. Witness below how the fun never stops at Wurstfest, and view some hilarious how-to’s!

Hannah gives lessons on how to properly do the chicken dance! Learn this and you’ll fit right in at Wurstfest.


So that song that you’ve been singing at Wurstfest all these years? Now you can learn the actual words and impress your friends with your knowledge of what they mean!


Kelli and…Kelli…join forces to teach you some very common German phrases. This year, navigate Wurstfest armed with a brand new vocabulary!


Kelli takes us on a tour of beers you’ll find at Wurstfest, and recommends festival foods with which they will pair just fine. If this video doesn’t make you thirsty, nothing will!


Dancing the polka is as easy as a-one, a-two, and a-three! Watch Kelli demonstrate this very simple, yet crucial dance with the help of a lucky volunteer.


Join Kelli as she explains the history and different components which comprise everyone’s favorite short-pants fashion statement: Das lederhosen!


The fest is alive, with the sight of dirndl! Kelli explains traditions surrounding this ubiquitous fashion staple for female festival goers.


Even a flood couldn’t stop Wurstfest. This video covers the 1998 festival and “that picture of the kids biting the sausage”.